Coatings (Technology for surface protection wear): We can supply all kinds of parts with coatings from individual components to assemblies mounted finished with protected surfaces using thermal spray coatings.

Our partner in coatings is specialized in manufacturing and coating ball valves and seats for these ball valves with metal seat.

Nuestro colaborador en recubrimientos es especialista en la fabricación y recubrimiento de válvulas de bola y asientos para estas válvulas de bola con asiento de metal.

Technologies and services we offer coatings:

The coatings are made by welding deposition and thermal spray

Thermal spraying High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF)
Projection and flame fusion
Plasma Transferred Arc welding (PTA)

We also offer high precision machining and finishing

CNC turning and milling
Grinding and lapping

Expert Advice on the selection of the correct coating for each application, whether standard or special we have experts in the construction and engineering of equipment.

Materials used for thermal spray coatings:

A wide selection of materials allows superficial solutions and meeting the requirements of the different applications of each customer.


Nickel based alloys or cobalt-containing hard phases such as carbides and Boruros (Colmonoy, Stellite, Tribaloy)

Hard-metals / Cermets:

Cemented carbides (tungsten, titanium or chromium carbide) in the matrix metal (nickel, cobalt, chromium)


Chromium oxide, aluminum, titanium and other possible combinations.